A quick peek into some of the companies that we have been fortunate enough to help and who we have built relationships with their owners and staff


Here's just a small sampling of the work we have done  over the past few years...

Zig Zibit, Mid Sized Group 20-50

Zig Zibit is a high-energy growth company in the exhibits industry that was recognized as a prestigious 2017 Fast 50 Company by Triangle Business Journal. We worked closely with them over several months to move away from a large PEO and bring the benefits package back in-house. By doing this we were able to offer much better insurance benefits, with personalized face to face service for their employees, and save them a considerable amount of money without the big monthly management fees. A great group to work with and really happy to have them aboard in the Meridian family. 


Tri-County Gymnastics, Small Group 5-20

Tri-County Gymnastics is a small group that came to us thru a referral. While many of the coaches are part time, they have a small staff of full time coaches that are a very vital part of their company and the owners wanted to be sure they got insurance coverage. More on their story and how we helped them...



McPherson Family Eye Care, Midsize Group 20-50

We have worked with McPherson for several years helping employees get their individual insurance plans set up. When they decided to start taking a look at group plans for their growing business, we choose three insurance companies with multiple plans from each, for them to look at. More on their story and how we helped them...


Milton's Pizza and Pasta - Midsize Group 20-50 

Milton's Pizza is a well-known family restaurant in North Raleigh and Wakefield and we love working with this group. Most of their employees are covered on a spouse or a parental plan since they have a lot of younger workers on staff, so they approached it a little differently. More on their story and how we helped them...

Geographic Enterprises - Small Group 5-20 

We have worked with Geographic Enterprises for several years and have found many good options for them across different carriers. We have enjoyed building the trust where we can offer traditional plans along with creatively saving them money on insurance. More on their story and how we helped them...


a few more of our Valued Clients

  • Raleigh Ice Plex, Raleigh NC
  • Avolynt Inc. Biotech, Cary NC
  • SuretyOne Financial, Raleigh NC
  • Salt and Lime Cabo Restaurant, Raleigh NC
  • Crabtree Valley Dental, Raleigh NC
  • Regional Glass and Aluminum, Durham NC
  • Truevison Eye Care, Morrisville NC
  • Raleigh Family Dentistry, Raleigh NC
  • NY Bagel Cafe, Wake Forest NC
  • Your Time Automotive, Raleigh NC
  • Goodlife Communications, Charleston SC